Creating space for the body and mind through yoga

Here is our theory: At Jungle Mango we believe that that surf and yoga are the perfect balance for the mind and body. 


With yoga we strengthen the body, correct our posture, calm the mind, increase our flexibility and prevent injuries in the surf.


Whilst surfing we increase our fitness, challenge our minds, improve the control and awareness of the breath keeping us in the present moment and connecting with nature.


During our retreats, we encourage surf and yoga as a daily practice in beautiful open air space. Our yoga sessions are based on a Vinyasa Flow style with the purpose of invigorating our bodies, connecting to our breath while introducing a more flowing and creative way of moving the body. We include guided meditations and Pranayama (Breathing techniques) that bring you to the present moment and calm your mind. 


We also offer a couple of afternoon/sunset Yin classes to release tension and relax.


We understand that each individual needs to adapt their body to different routines so we focus on creating this space to focus on the benefit of each one of you. At the end of the week, you will leave feeling inspired, relaxed and more connected with to the purest form of self.



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