A salty thrill for the mind and body

For beginners, the first day of surfing is one of the happiest days of their lives.  Standing on the board allowing the wave to take you away is something that you will always remember.

We know, because we’ve been there too and the thrill of it is simply magical.


Surfing is many things at the same time: indescribable feelings of joy, friendship, facing fears, spiritual connection and a path to self-discovery.


At Jungle Mango, we love surfing and we aim to inspire each other through combining surfing with yoga and all aspects of life.


Whether it is your first time on a board looking to catch your first wave or if you want to become more confident in the water, Jungle Mango is here to help you. 


Our priority is to support you and provide you the tools to become a better surfer and/or encourage you to learn and enjoy the ocean with us.


With our local knowledge, we will take you to the best spots in the Algarve and work together to make sure you find the purest form of self through surfing



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