Welcome to Jungle Mango 

We aim to inspire individuals to inhale good vibes and exhale the yesterday. 

We encourage you to become totally present in the now.


At Jungle Mango, we offer mindful ways to reconnect with yourself and with nature by bringing together daily yoga practice, surf lessons, a comforting accommodation, healthy meals and amazing experiences of exploring the magic of the Algarve.


We love what we do and we want to share our passion and love of surfing and yoga with you.


Free your Mind, Free your Body 


During our retreats, we encourage surf and yoga as a daily practice in beautiful open air space.

 Our yoga sessions are based on a Vinyasa Flow style with the purpose of invigorating our bodies, connecting to our breath while introducing a more flowing and creative way of moving the body. We include guided meditations and Pranayama (Breathing techniques) that bring you to the present moment and calm your mind. 


We also offer a couple of afternoon/sunset Yin classes to release tension and relax.

At Junglemango we believe that some connections bring new energy to your soul.

We are a community, we share moments, ideas, journeys, stories, emotions & energy that fulfil our souls.


This experience will not only connect you with new people and form new friendships during 7 days, above all it will allow you to reconnect with yourself body & mind.

Whether it is your first time on a board looking to catch your first wave or if you want to become more confident in the water, Jungle Mango is here to help you. We welcome all skill levels.


Our priority is to support you and give you the tools to become a better surfer and encourage you to learn and enjoy the ocean with us!

With our local knowledge & our professional coaches, we will take you to the best spots in the Algarve and work together to make sure you find the purest form of self through surfing.

At Junglemango we choose fresh ingredientes from our local market and find the right balance without compromising any pleasure. 


We believe that what we eat is what we are, so our meals will be full of rich superfood that would make you feel amazing and full of energy.


We are healthy foodies,  all our meals are full of tasty vegetarian and vegan options to energise your body.


Lucia Roca 


Yoga teacher & surfer

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Lucia decided to have a lifestyle change and move away from the busy city life and her job in advertising to follow her dreams and her two passions, yoga & surf.


Through yoga you can connect with the present moment. When you go to the mat you become aware of your whole body moving, the connection of the breath with the movement, increased awareness of the sounds, feelings and the fluctuations of the mind. 

She realized how much yoga compliments surfing. How it brings you to where you are, to the present moment. It evokes a powerful connection between yourself and nature allowing you to enjoy the present moment. 


With a Yoga instructor certification, Lucia is a Vinyasa Flow teacher here in Algarve. Her style is a Vinyasa Flow with some focus towards surfing, combining shoulder stretches, hip openers, core strength and also guiding meditation and Pranyama (breathing techniques) to bring you to the present moment, calm your mind and help to get all the benefits of breathing. 


“The Ocean and Yoga can heal you, just be in the present moment and enjoy it”

 -Lucia Roca

Katha Blank


Surfer & foodie

Katha was born and raised in Germany, and has always been a lover of sports especially surf and nature.


Her passion for travelling started as a young adult, at 18 Katha grabbed her backpack and went off to Australia looking for new adventures. At this time she started surfing and it was then she recognized she wanted to follow her dreams and live close to the ocean.


After graduating from a sports degree at University in Germany she was drawn to Portugal to work for 2 months in a surf camp. From there it was an easy decision as she fell in love with the country, natural beauty, people and lifestyle and decided to stay. Sagres has been Katha´s home now for 4 years now. 


Surfing has become a really important part of her life. In the water nothing else matters, it´s just you, the waves and your friends. This feeling of freedom means everything to her. Surfing connects you with the present moment, nature and with herself.


"We are Jungle Mango. We follow our dreams and we want you be a part of them too."

- Katha Blank

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